Domestic Shipping is now free!


I can’t see the price in my local currency.

For practical purposes you can download our line sheet in USD, EUR or GBP for international purchases.

Payment methods

We receive any form of electronic payment including PayU links and most credit card franchises.

I want to change my purchase before it is sent.

In case you want to change or add something to your purchase, please contact us at within the first 24 hours after your payment has been accepted.

My 10% discount didn’t apply.

Please contact us at immediately with your voucher and any other attachment you find relevant to the matter and we will proceed to fully refund your discount.

How long does my shipment take?

Usually shipments take between 8 and 10 business days. If your shipment takes any longer please contact us at

Can I buy from any country?

Yes. Regardless where you are, your purchase will be delivered to your home.

Is my shipping free over any price?

No. For international purchases, shipping is not included.

How can I track my order?

As soon as your payment is accepted you’ll get a mail with your voucher and your shipment number which will allow you to track your shipment until it arrives.

What happens if my order arrives late?

In this case let us know as soon as the 10 day delivery time expires so we can contact the courier company. We will be more than happy to partially credit your shipping fee as long as the fault is a service misunderstanding.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

We have a shipping protocol in which we take notes of the item the day it is sent. So if your order arrives with any damage please contact us so we can check the situation and send you a new one, without any additional charge, as soon as possible.


Why is my alpaca garment pilling?

This is going to happen sooner or later depending on how you take care of your item. These small balls of fluff in your garment are a matter of time and friction. We are doing our best to find the perfect laundry service near you, in the meantime please take it to one you trust.

How do I take care of natural fibers?

We suggest to take well care of your Leda item by handwashing them in cold water, using soft shampoo and avoiding dry cleaning, bleaching and ironing. This will ensure a longer life spam for your piece. Remember that even if they work, these instructions are very general. When you purchase any of our product, you get an instant mail with the care instructions attached to it. In case you can’t find it, please look up your piece on our website and you will see them below the respective description.

Do you have any repair policies?

Yes. We believe extending the life spam of our products as much as possible. Please contact us at

What if my garment is impossible to fix?

This happens in case of extreme bleaching and ripping. In this case you can contact us at with your situation, send your piece back and receive a great discount in your next buy.

Questions? read LEDA's FAQ's section and get everything sorted out.
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