Our sustainable commitment

For us, the way a product is made is as important as the way it looks. 

We love our planet and we protect it in every little decision we make for our business and in our daily actions. We are not embarrassed to say that we belong to a big cult, and that cult is mother nature; learning from her, cherishing her and preserving her.  

Every single garment we make is knitted by a group people, artisans, stories, processes, materials, it is a small love chain that starts from the moment we sketch designs in our studio and begin mapping out every little detail of its production, because it is in the details that we can make a difference to preserve our planet. Our processes and decision making takes time, we take time to select only suppliers certified with sustainable standards such as Oeko-Tex and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and use natural dyes, we take time to outsource sustainable materials locally not only as a means to support communities but to reduce our ecological impact. We take time to think of new ways to recycle materials, we take time to know and work with exceptional craftspeople that carry on ancient knitting traditions. Our garments are made by many hands that love what they do. We strongly believe in passing on love and good karma into every stitch of our clothes. Our sustainable commitment goes beyond what we produce, it is a way of living, we use our bikes as a way of transportation as much as we can and our packages are made of corn paper that is 100% compostable, because we care.  

Our manifesto is to make beautiful garments made sustainably, continuing to increase the ratio of sustainable materials in each coming collection.  Our job is never done, we are always finding new ways to be kinder to our planet.  We do it with love for you to love it as well.