• alfredo ramos

    Alfredo Ramos Fernández

    Series: “Studies for vestiges”

    Is also a continuation for the theme “Traces”. These series consists of photographs of scraps of paper wich accumualte during work in the dark room. They are leftlovers of discarded prints or proofs wich by chance have come into contact with photochemicals. As they were never fixed, they are in a continual process of change, and thereby became an inexhaustible fund of images in wich forces and elements organize themselves in autonomous universes. Within these scraps of paper I discover landscapes which reflect my perception of the world in a constant flux of energy.

  • Aoki Jun “Fiber”

    In this Work “Fiber” , the Japanese architect and artist creates an athmospheric space. Curtains divide the rectangular gallery space into five zones. A ukiyo-e motif, made abstract, is applied in white spray on the nylon fibers of each layer. Their overlapping causes a three dimensional cloud-like image to emerge out of a forest of silken, transparent fibers. Lighting programmed to change in intensity over time is installed in the semitransparent curtains and changes the brightness of the fibers and the perception of depth in the overall space over time.

  • Richard Serra “East-West/West-East” at Qatar’s desert:

    The installation is a set of four 50ft steel towers that connect the two seas and the two parts of this ancient landscape.
    Serra explains: The placement is not geometrical, it’s topological; they can only be placed where they are to achieve the curvature of the land. If one walks through the pieces; he will understand not only the rhythm of himself in relationship to the landscape but also the rhythm of himself in relationship to the height and the length of the pieces. images via